Specialty Selection

Specialty Selection

We offer an extensive list of flawless cones for a wide range of uses and decor. Each type of cone shines with individual beauty and character:

The Ponderosa cones are the most popular. They are medium in size and largely used as scented cones.

The Sugar cones take the cake for the largest cone, ranging from 8-10 inches in size.

The Jeffrey cone is a larger version of the Ponderosa. They too are scented, often paired with their smaller Ponderosa partner in homes.

The Lodgepole cones at first glance seem small, but when frosted, they illuminate an entire room.

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At Rios Evergreens, we take pride in the quality and beauty of the cones we provide. Rios Evergreens has 17 years of design experience, specializing in wholesale as well as unique and captivating specialty greens. From the forest floor to the wreath on your door, it is essential that we offer only the most exquisite cones from the best selection.

Get in touch with us to make an order or inquire about our unique holiday decor items. There is a limited number of these products we produce because of the time and detail necessary.

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A Word From Rios

We hope to spread warmth and joy from our home to yours through our valuable products. We live, breath and sweat pine cones all year round, so we can offer you our best. Our focus is providing large quanitities of quality cones that are hand-picked every year by the same crew. We take pride in our hand-picked and hand-crafted items, and we delight in designing a unique piece of decor for your home. Whether its a semi-load or specialty garland order, we promise to treat and serve you as a part of our family.
- The Rios Team